John Brick, PHD, is co-author of the Socioeconomic Evaluations of Addictions Treatment. He was one of a select group of research scientists asked by the President's Commission on Model State Drug Laws to evaluate addictions treatment in various populations. This project began under President George H. Bush and was completed during President Bill Clinton's term. The Evaluations of Addictions Treatment was published by the White House and includes the following topics:

  • Cost-of-Illness Studies of Addiction
  • Addictions Treatment in General Clinical Populations
  • Addictions Treatment in Workforce Populations
  • Addictions Treatment in Criminal Justice Populations and Narcotic Users
  • Addictions Treatment with Pregnant Women

Copies of this evaluation were sent to members of Congress and to each governor. The President's Commission on Model State Drug Laws: Socioeconomic Evaluations of Addictions Treatment is available through the Office of the National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), Washington, DC.


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