Intoxikon International funds small prevention projects up to $500.00.  Fundable projects are broadly defined as related to the prevention of alcohol and drug related problems.  Awards typically are for specific equipment, library materials, travel, education and research aimed at improving the effectiveness of an individual, agency or organization in their ongoing prevention efforts.

Following recommendations from the Executive Advisory Board, grant applications are by invitation only from the Director.



Intoxikon International seeks out deserving specialists working the field of prevention and recognizes their efforts through the award and designation as an Intoxikon International Fellow.  Potential Fellows are identified based on the recommendation of the Executive Advisory Board.  Fellows may received a tax-free, non-contingent honorarium of up to $500.00.  Recipients also receive a framed Fellow Award certificate, press and public relations package and coverage in their community.



Intoxikon International does not accept donations or contributions to assist us in or further our mission.  The source of all grant and fellowship awards is limited to book royalties earned by Dr. John Brick from his various publications.



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