Forensic Alcohol Test Evidence (FATE) was many years in the making and allowed Dr. Brick to apply his lifelong experience as an alcohol research scientist, teacher and author on the biobehavioral effects of alcohol to matters of law. FATE focuses on the evaluation, interpretation and application of the effects of alcohol or alcohol test results to medico-legal issues, including crimes and accidental injuries. Pertinent civil and criminal law, pharmacological, toxicological, psychological and medical consequences of alcohol use and intoxication are discussed in detail as they relate to forensic investigations. This book is considered an essential tool and valuable resource for all law enforcement officers and investigators, forensic examiners and other professionals in the evaluation and interpretation of subjective and objective alcohol evidence.

Forensic Alcohol Test Evidence is available directly form the publisher Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois at (800) 258-8980, or online. ISBN 978-0-398-09113-2

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